7 Minutes of Heaven

We have made a pilot for a short TV series. It is a sit-com set in a church on any given Sunday morning.
The title is a little misleading... It’s a conceptual 7 minutes!
The objective is to have each episode being 7 minutes of real time.
We are currently speaking with television stations regarding the commissioning of the series for television.
You can see the pilot on this page.


Our 'un-churched' hero decides Christianity is for him even though he's never ever been inside a church before. He encounters a variety of weird and wacky people every Sunday inside the church, which start to put him off the whole idea.
Influenced by the comedic stylings of Brent Butt from Corner Gas, this short series takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the weird and wacky personalities that one can find in most churches across the country, on any given Sunday morning.
This comedy is fast paced, witty and full of awkwardness.